• About Me

  • I began to know about my body and its limitations as a young dancer and trapeze artist. Around my twenties I enrolled Institut del Teatre, the national drama school in Barcelona. There it started a journey towards my inner body. The connections between my body and its voice and the emotions and history held under my skin, in my bones and joints was a fascinating world to keep discovering. Acting was for a while the field where I would explore the beauty and intensity of life.
    Later on in my thirties, a deep curiosity and the need of healing myself in first place, led me to certified as a Fitzmaurice Voicework Teacher, to study Grinberg Method, and finally put all my tools together as a practitioner of the Pantarei Approach.
    Now that I'm in my 40’s I like to look back and see that all my personal and creative background dance together in my private practice with clients and in my classes. I see in every creative process the opportunity to heal from the inside out. I know that whenever we want to heal we are calling our creative being to take action.
    My aim in sessions and classes is to create a safe space where people can connect with their own needs and regain their balance. A space of trust to reconnect with people’s ability to express themselves with clarity, to create the life they want and live with greater confidence and authenticity.
    Besides all this, I'm always involved in different creation processes, these are some of those side projects:
    Traces & Shadows
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