• Fitzmaurice Voicework

  • Fitzmaurice Voicework is a holistic approach to voice training based on body methods such as yoga, bioenergetics and shiatsu. By integrating physical freedom and mental awareness, the work develops both vibrant bodies and voices that can better communicate intentions and feelings. 
    Destructuring, the first phase, promotes awareness of the body, spontaneous and free breathing, vocal expressivity, and presence, through "tremorwork" and sometimes hands-on interventions. "Tremorwork" encourages students to allow uncontrolled shiver-like oscillations to flow through their entire bodies, making chronic tension blocks apparent and helping to release them. Restructuring, the second phase, encourages economy of effort while speaking or performing, using modified bel canto techniques and a "focus line".
    The resulting freedom and focus allow for a wide range of vocal expression without strain. Applications of all aspects of the work are then explored.There are many practical benefits to improved vocal functioning.
    Since breath and voice lie at the intersection of the material and the non-material, this work can also assist in creative, intellectual, and spiritual growth.
    Other possible benefits include: 
    • Developing greater freedom in breathing
    • Learning how to speak or sing from the core
    • Gaining vocal power and freedom
    • Increasing vocal clarity
    • Strengthening the voice and getting over chronic vocal fatigue
    • Gaining confidence when speaking in public