• MOMent 1: Moving the Body


    Esther Palleja MOMents 1This first MOMent introduces the keys for developing the following MOMent sessions. We will do stretches, series of movements, and modified yoga positions to (re)open the chest and solar plexus, gain flexibility in the legs and strengthen the pelvic floor. We will encourage spontaneous free movement. We will analyze the different body types in relation with personal history. And we will work individually to find ways to let go of existing tensions and live more at ease with personal conditions.Basic Concepts (expanded in later sessions):


    • Connection of body/breathing/emotions
    • Physical tensions and personal history
    • Personal conditions (pregnancy, postpartum, etc.)
    • Birth and its imprints within the body
    • How to ground yourself
    • Free movement and spontaneity
    • Contract/resist versus letting go
    • Introduction to “destructuring” or “allowing the chaos within.”


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