• MOMents

  • A series of workshops for mothers to reconnect with themselves, get in touch with their bodies, their breathing, and their natural creativity. MOMents to feel like themselves again, to let go, and to free up and allow what's been inside the whole time. 


  • The Birth of MOMents

    Am I a bad mom because I want to go back to work? I went back when my daughter was two months and a half. It was a question that kept torturing me. I was giving Voice and Movement classes to a group of incoming Erasmus students. It was an intensive two month program with three hours of class every day. And even if the classes were starting before my maternity leave was over, I didn't want to miss the opportunity.

    I had been giving those classes for over six years and they were always the highlight of my year. But accepting the job in those new circumstances brought up a bunch of doubts and hesitations: Would I be able to do it? Would I want to do it when the time came? Would it be bad for my daughter? Well, all those questions disappeared right after the first class.

    I got home with a big smile on my face, a deep satisfaction, renewed energy and a pair of breasts that were about to blow up! And when I walked through the door, I found my daughter happily sleeping in her father’s arms. “I might not be that indispensable after all,” I thought. Relief.

    It was then that I started thinking about why it was so important for me to go back to work. What was in those classes that made me feel so good and that despite all the fatigue, I had a renewed desire to spend quality time with my daughter when I got home. I realized that what put me more in touch with my daughter was the fact that I was more in touch with my body, with my breathing and with my creative self.

    So I thought that those moments that I enjoyed thanks to my job would be something that other moms could also benefit from. I started to design a program made up of a series of workshops for mommies. A place where other moms could enjoy their MOMent, reconnect with themselves, get in touch with their bodies, with their breathing and with their natural creativity. MOMents to feel like themselves again, to let go and allow what’s been inside the whole time.

    Pregnancy is probably the moment in a woman’s life when she is most in touch with her body and its changes. It’s a close relation with the body that culminates in the moment of birth. Birth, when occurring naturally, allows the woman to experience the highest level of presence and awareness by creating deep contact with both her body and the baby. But then, right after that glorious moment, comes the postpartum—the drop, the body as a battlefield following an extensive fight. Emptiness. Besides being different for every woman, it is a very intense period. It’s often hard, really hard.

    All of a sudden, the needs of a woman’s body are not her priority anymore, and she starts making all kinds of concessions with pleasure (more or less) and with lots and lots of love. Concessions that will probably lead her to stop listening to her body while starting a dialogue that might sound like: “Yes, I know you need my attention but I can't just now, someone else needs me more than you… I'll care for you later.” But that moment, dear moms, never seems to arrive and sometimes it might even arrive when it’s too late.

    The full workshop series includes the following modules:

    MOMent I: Moving the Body
    MOMent II: The Breathing Body 
    MOMent III: The Emotional Body
    MOMent IV: The Creative Body
    Private Session