• Pantarei Approach

  • Reconnect with your unique personal qualities through empathy, touch, and verbal communication.


    The innovative somatic bodywork based approach offers a profound methodology for our current life and times. In a world where people are often disconnected from their own inner voice, out of touch with their physical bodies, and encouraged to repress their emotions, Pantarei helps people to break through incredible barriers to tap into their own unique sense of strength and purpose in order to make profound life changes and accomplish their goals.

    Pantarei believes that people are born with the innate ability to create change in their own life, in order to move in whichever direction they choose. By tapping into the flow of life, it is possible to guide each individual on their own journey toward healing and self-actualization. 

    Empowering growth and expansion through empathetic touch and verbal communication, Pantarei shows that connection and support are the keys to encouraging full integration and helping the individual to accomplish anything they set their mind to.

  • Pantarei is about taking the lead in your own life.

    Here are some potential benefits:

    • Overcome obstacles, deal with chronic conditions, let emotions be experienced 
    • Gain new energy, lightness, and clarity of purpose
    • Build your capacity for self-healing
    • Achieve personal development goals 
    • Learn to gain a closer relationship with yourself—strengthening the ability to handle the challenges that life presents
    • Grain greater awareness of your body, thoughts, abilities, and current situations