• Testimonials

  • "Esther is a superb teacher and theatre artists. Her understanding of voice, movement and physical performance took our students on a creative journey that led to some impressive results. We all agreed that she was one of the finest teachers/trainers that we have ever encountered and her disciplined method also allowed for fun and individual exploration. She weaves magic in the room and inspired both students and collaborators using attention and care."

    Prof. Michael Earley, Principal and Chief Executive, Rose Bruford College

  • "I found this approach enriching and in-depth, I enjoyed finding a connection again and being present with my body's intelligence."

    Retreat participant

  • “Ms. Palleja Lozano’s workshop was a journey of personal expression. The level of trust experiences following her exercises created an atmosphere in which we could explore the creative process with joy and abandon. The energy in the room was high and I was impressed by the willingness and freedom of expression that each participant demonstrated when following her process. I found her to be an engaging performer and inspiring teacher."

    Erica Tobolski, Associate Professor, University of South Carolina

  • “In my sessions, I discovered a new level of clarity related to my true sense of being. It's a great gift to grow beyond the layers of my self, I feel like I have reconnected with who I really am.”

    Sebastian Moreno Coronel, student, Centre Estudi Barcelona

  • “During my European Arts studies at Barcelona's Institut Del Teatre, I developed a high level of growth in terms of vocal freedom and performance training. I definitely recommend her "tremor" work for vocal and physical awareness – it allowed me to discover how to speak from a much more powerful place.”

    Tony Douglas, student, Rose Bruford College

  • "Esther helped me gain self-confidence to communicate with more clarity. This has been useful in both my professional and personal life. I truly recommend her work."

    Antonio J. Blanque

  • “As a healing practitioner, I have rarely experienced such a direct method for finding emotional roots and strengthening the voice´s core. Esther promotes fast, fun and authentic personal transformation on all levels – it gives people the space and trust needed to truly express themselves and heal."

    Ferran Blasco, Founder of Shen Dao Acupunture and Natural Health Center